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Digital Frames

Digital Frames Direct

Digital Frames are a fantastic innovation and they offer a way of displaying your’ digital photos in a traditional or modern looking frame in the same style as an original photo frame, most good digital frame manufactures like ourselves have developed software to display your photos in a professional transitional slideshow.

At Digital Frames Direct we have a large selection of digital frames to suit your’ needs. One difference is in the resolution, the 640 x 840 resolution screen is great for use in a family home with digital photos taken on a standard compact camera, the screen is high quality LCD and will display you photos brilliantly, however if you where using your digital frame to display professional photo’s E.G your high resolution photography then we would recommend a HD digital photo frame, Digital Frame Sales offer a 7” Slimline Black which will display your photos to their full potential, this digital frame also supports video. If you were looking at digital photo frames for Point of Sale Digital Frame Sales have a lot of experience with this and would highly recommend the 19” Memory View as these frames come with a variety of stands and wall mounts which look very professional,  if you have any questions about Point of Sale digital photo frames or what size will suit you and your requirements we recommend calling our friendly help advisors on +44 117 330 2277 or simply email us at

When it comes to digital photo frames the choice doesn’t stop there, we also offer many different colours and styles of surrounds on the frames to suit your’ home appropriately, these include:

  • Black Wood
  • Dark Veneer
  • Dark Wood
  • Light Veneer
  • Light Wood
  • Silver
  • White

These differences can really fit with the ambience your’ home and we recommend checking what styles the frame that you have chosen is available in that will suit your specific needs, for example we would recommend the wood for a more traditional style however if you where planning on using a digital frame in the workplace or for point of sale we would highly recommend the black digital photo frames as they are modern and highly cosmetically pleasing.

Other things to take into account when buying a digital frame is how much memory you need, in other words how many photos you will be storing on the device and how big they are, we recommend optimizing the images for your digital photo frame by resizing them in an appropriate photo editor, if you do not know how to do this please feel free to call us and talk to our advice team for free friendly advice. At Digital Frames Sales we offer digital frames with a large internal memory and they all come with an external SD memory card slot that will automatically play your photos / videos.

If you would like to discuss anything we have discussed above or any other specifications you require for your digital frame, such as an SD card, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0117 330 2277.